Food2Go Duo Ambient + Hot

Food2Go Duo Ambient + Hot is a mobile serving platform for cook-serve applications from ScanBox. A perfect product for catering firms, hospitals, schools among others that need versatile all-in-one products for transporting, holding and serving meals.

The robust and lightweight construction assures easy maneuverability and durability. ScanBox unique Temp-Stop technology, combined LED-displays for controlling all temperatures, adjustable steam ventilation, detachable racks, central brake system and intuitive one-grip handles are some of the many standard features. Installation is made in seconds and only requires a single phase power connection. The wide option list allows you to configure your Food2Go unit to suit your specific needs.

Our Food2Go Duo  A+H combines one heated and one neutral compartment positioned side by side. The neutral unit is equipped with a eutectic plate holder to allow chilled transports if required. The unit transports plates and single-portions, as well as GN containers. The spacious top surface fits up to three full size GN containers with two GN1/1 built-in glass heating plates to assure maintained temperatures during food service.

Your choice of color (Black, Red or Grey) is at no extra cost and by using the ScanBox signature concept you can apply corporate branding to create your own unique look.

  • Item number198030-1
  • Capacity7+7 x GN 1/1 65 mm
  • Measurements (mm)L1183 x W780 x H1354
  • Weight120 kg
  • Connection230V / 1 phase / 50Hz
  • TemperatureUp to +90 °C
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