Event / 01-01-18

PIR-mässan i Moskva – 24-27 september

Den 24-27 september finner du oss på PIR i Moskva. Besök oss på (TBA). Läs mer om våra produkter här.

PIR i Moskva

The PIR Expo features a unique exposition with a participation of the most notable managing companies on the Russian market. The program of seminars, lectures , competitions and more, captures interests of various experts, that work in catering and hospitality industry. If you are planning to build a hotel or restaurant, or you already own a business, the PIR is the right place to learn about modern market trends and meet possible partners.

The PIR Expo will take place on 4 days from Monday, 24. September to Thursday, 27. September 2018 in Moscow.

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