News / 17-12-18

Kostdagarna in Gothenburg – 28-29 of March

During 28-29 of March you will find us at Kostdagarna in Gothenburg. Click here to find out more about our products.

Kostdagarna in Gothenburg

Kostdagarna are aimed at diet and meal managers, food economists, food retailers and other managers and employees related to the publicly funded meals in school and preschool, healthcare and elderly care.

For the third time, Kostdagarna 2019 return to Gothenburg and Clarion Hotel Post, 28-29 March. In a fully loaded conference program, lunch-to-lunch, with programs on “Stora Scenen” in parallel with hand-picked, external satellite workshops and full activity in the displays of nearly 50 exhibitors, science, inspiration and current research combine thoughtful perspectives on leadership challenges.

Kostdagarna 2019 are led by Cecilia Nebel and Annika Unt. This year’s moderator duo combines curious, profound journalism with grounded knowledge about, and commitment to, the public meals and all those that exist and work in the industry.

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