Runners Eutectic Plate 480x280 NOTE! only as spare part

ScanBox Runners Eutectic Plate facilitate attachment of Eutectic Plate 480×280 to your boxes. The runners only require a small space and help you get an even temperature distribution in the box.

NOTE! This item is only to be purchased as a spare part as of 1st October 2020 and fits Eutectic Plate 480×280.

If you are looking to add Eutectic Plates or Holder to an existing box manufactured from Q1 2018 and onward (must be detachable laser cut U-shaped runners), please go to Eutectic Plate Holder Ergo Line or Eutectic Plate Holder Banquet Line and add Eutectic Plate 530×325 according to your needs.

  • Item number301010-5
ScanBox Runners Eutectic Plate

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