Business case

ScanBox in practical use

Nothing offers a better evaluation of product properties or supplier promises than real-life stories. Here we will present a string of authentic business cases demonstrating the benefits of the concept, the business model and the level of service offered by ScanBox.

Bocuse d’Or, team Finland

Record in Doha, Qatar

Our business partner in Qatar – Falcon Technical and Trading – has recently delivered 28 ScanBox Banquet Master HOU 2.20 holding cabinets for the preparing of meals for 4,500 participants at the 20th World Petroleum Congress. The organisation was founded in 1933 and has 65 member countries.

To prepare, arrange, serve the meals and clean afterwards, a total of 40 chefs, 672 waiters, 9 supervisors and 375 cleaners were employed. A total of 15.000 staff members took care of all the practicalities connected with the World Petroleum Congress. The main course was plated and then placed directly on banquet trolleys. The plates were then chilled until shortly before serving when all the plates were regenerated in the combi steamers and then the mobile oven racks were placed in the ScanBox Banquet Master. By using the ScanBox holding cabinet the holding time of the food could be more than doubled compared with the traditional thermal covers. This meant that only 8 Hounö 2.20 combi ovens were needed for 4500 chicken and 4500 lamb dishes. Serving took only 15 minutes for the main course.

This was a record braking event, because this was the first time that 4.500 people were served a plated meal in Doha, Qatar, the old record being 2200 people. If all plates were put side by side they would cover 4,5 km.

After the ScanBox Banquet Master units were used at this event they were used for the Arab Games which uses food for 15000 guests/day.

Culinary Olympics, Erfurt 2016

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ScanBox Report from Marriott Grand Ballroom in Manila

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