The global elite of chefs

Our products are praised by leading national culinary teams all over the world

We feel happy and proud that many of the leading chefs use the ScanBox product range both during training sessions and competitions.

Culinary teams that use our products

  • Sweden Culinary Team
  • Sweden Junior Culinary Team
  • National Culinary of Denmark
  • The Norwegian Culinary Team
  • Culinary Team Finland
  • The Icelandic Culinary Team
  • Culinary Team Luxembourg
  • The Scottish Culinary Team
  • Stockholm Culinary Team
  • Skåne Culinary Team
  • Compass Culinary Team
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Proud sponsor of the Swedish Culinary Team

“– We use ScanBox transport trolleys at practice, competition and events. Perfect for storage and transport of equipment at competition when perfect control and order is ne eded. Time and reliance are crucial.The ScanBox trolleys are outstanding at events for both cold and hot holding.”


Supplier to the Swedish Pastry Chef Team

”– In the art of pastry, organization, accuracy and timing are crucial. We find our ScanBox cart to be an excellent co-worker. We love how it helps us keep everything in it’s place, the precise and adjustable temperature for chocolate … when it’s time to compete we’re all set, the gear and every ingredient marked up.”