Our mission

Square thinking outside the box

For some time it has been popular to talk about how good it is to “think outside the box”. ScanBox has always been thinking outside the box when it comes to our box shaped products used for transport and for holding of cold or hot food. To optimize our offer is always on top of our mind, and we keep clients happy by keeping our promises.

That is why we are the Number One choice for so many different types of clients. They appreciate a partner understanding their needs, their challenges and their working processes. A partner who instantly recognizes the difference between ”all right” and ”just right” or between “good” and “great” – and always strives to achieve the latter. A partner understanding that the total eating experience is as important as the food served on the plate. A partner who loves food and is passionate about creating the best solutions possible for every place of work – be it a star-spangled Michelin restaurant, a hotel or a hospital.

We make our square thinking outside the box. Our food transport systems can be custom made for every need, whether it is about keeping the cool or keeping the heat up. The core mission of every customized ScanBox solution is to simplify your working day and enhance the experience of your guests. That is why you will be wise to choose the ScanBox product whenever you get the chance.

It’s a keeper!