Food experience with care

With ScanBox, your food stays just the way it was intended. Keeping your hot food hot. And your cold food cold. Fresh with perfect texture and quality. Be confident knowing you’re delivering a safe and flavorful food experience – always as freshly-made.


Salty and sweet. Crispy and soft. Ingredients packed with energy and nutrition. All of this should be a given.

That’s why we build all ur boxes with TempStop™, our unique combination of materials and composition that keeps heat and cold in place. You don’t need to heat or cool your food more than necessary to account for temperature fluctuation.

  • Consistent temperature with TempStop®.
  • Unique combination of materials and composition.
  • Loaded correctly, the temperature will not change more than 1 degree in 1 hour – even off the grid.


A reliable box keeps an even temperature throughout the cavity – for preserved food quality no matter where you put the food.

Detachable runners, with an air gap, facilitates free air circulation and natural temperature distribution.

  • Free air circulation provides even temperature.
  • Detachable runners ensure a maximum difference of 2°C top to bottom…
  • … compared with up to 20°C with pressed runners.


We carefully choose our materials. On the inside, closest to what’s the most important, we put aluminum. It’s excellent at distributing hot and cold air – in fact, 14 times better than stainless steel.

Our polyurethane foam insulation keeps temperatures up to 50% better than other materials such as Styrofoam, glass wool and stone wool, which are often found as insulators in stainless steel products.

  • Aluminum is 14 times better conductor of heat and cold than stainless steel.
  • Aluminum emits energy up to 10 times better than stainless steel.
  • Polyurethane foam is up to 50% better insulator than other alternatives.