The ScanBox key to uniqueness

A success story based on six pillars

Quality, safety and customer needs are our main priorities. We once defined a direction, stood firmly by our principles and never allowed the product development to lose momentum. Here you will find the six pillars of the ScanBox policy.


The ScanBox name reflects the Scandinavian tradition of quality – built on a combination of style, function and innovative thinking.


ScanBox has 25 years of experience from developing food holding equipment with focus on ergonomics, safety, design and customer needs.


Our products are developed and manufactured in our factory in Olofström, Sweden.


Thanks to our unique sandwich design with aluminium, insulation and plastic reinforced by fibre­glass, we can offer customized carts. In addition to this, we have the most comprehensive product range on the market.


We use aluminium in our boxes, as it is both lightweight and strong, totally recyclable and corrosion-resistant. It also has an impermeable surface making it hygienic. Another important factor is its capacity to transfer both heat and cold. This ensures perfect temperature and well-preserved food quality.


The Combo and Duo varieties offer you two boxes in one cart – stacked or side-by-side. By keeping all your catering food available in one cart, you are able to save money, time – and the health of your staff.