Food Transport Academy / 09-10-22

Why does our boxes have adjustable ventilation?

ScanBox Ventilation

The simple answer is moisture control! Think about a meal composed out of mashed potatoes and deep fried foods, such as fish or chicken. Globally, these meals are classics, but in order for them to stay fresh until serving they all require completely different conditions – temperature, holding time and moisture. Our products and solutions gives every operation an opportunity to hold and transport each of these food items while meeting all of their individually unique conditions.

First, control the temperature with our digital display. Second, our well insulated boxes keep the food hot and cold for a long time. Third, the adjustable door vent can be partially or fully opened or closed to let the moisture out or keep it inside of the compartment. Most traditional hot boxes does only have set ventilation thus less control over food quality. Finally, every hot (or cold) food item is not to treat the same! That is why we have solutions with two or even three hot or cold compartments in the same box.