News / 19-09-19

Combo Boxes Optimize Both Space & Food Quality

In most cases where food is to be served at a later time, it needs to be stored or transported at different temperatures. Food can be served in ambient, cold and/or hot temperature. When plenty of small portions of food is to be transported to multiple locations with traditional boxes, it is common that they mostly carry air. Thus, it may be optimal to utilize a combo box with two compartments – one hot and one cold or insulated. This way the food can be transported hot and cold in one box at the same time. This does not only lead to smoother transports, but it saves space in the kitchen, truck and satellite kitchen.

There are also other benefits of having a combined box! Sometimes only hot food is served, but the individual items sustain quality under different conditions. Breaded fish and mashed potatoes are two classic examples that should both be kept and transported warm before serving, but need different temperature and humidity. Thus, it may be optimal to use one combo box with two hot compartments. This way, the staff can set different temperatures and control the vents separately to release or keep humidity for the individual compartments.

Regardless of whether you are going to serve hot or cold food, combined boxes may be preferred. Not only do they optimize the logistic flows and reduce the space in the kitchen, but also preserve the food quality for all dishes. With a combined box, the kitchen does not have to compromise on food quality or space! Take a look at our smart products here on the web…

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Examples of popular combo models: