News / 08-07-21

Item Name and Number Update

ScanBox Banquet Line

During the first half of 2021 ScanBox has focused on optimizing product structure and assortment. As an effect, we have decided to make changes to model names and item numbers. The products remain physically the same but there are some administrative changes that needs to be noted. Our strong belief is that this restructure will harmonize and enable easier navigation among our range of products.

Model Overview

The new structure is built according to the following hierarchy:

Product Lines:
– Ergo Line (GN 1/1) – EL
– Banquet Line (GN 2/1) – BL

Model Series:
– Single – S
– Combo – C
– Duo – D

Product Models / Function:
– Neutral – NE
– Heating Static – HS
– Heating Fan – HF
– Cooling Compressor – CC
– Cooling Peltier – CP

Find full list of products with translations from old item number and name to the new at the bottom of the page (or click here).

New vs. Old Structure

Below is an example of how this will change the description and item number of our products:

Old structure: Description / Item number:
– ELSCK12 – Ergo Line AC 12 C
– ELCKS46 – Ergo Line Combo AC4 + H6 CS

New Structure: Description / Item number
– ELSCC12 – Ergo Line CC12
– ELCCS46 – Ergo Line Combo CC04+HS06

Ambient becomes Neutral

The most noticeable update will be implemented on our previously models called ambient, as they now will be described as Neutral and have the item number prefix NE.

New Item Number Translation Chart

Are you struggling with reading Google code, use below button to open the list in Sharepoint: