News / 07-01-21

Safer sidewalks for pedestrians!

ScanBox the Traffic Calendar

We are continuously trying to improve our products and solutions with the mission to sustain food safety and quality for all operations holding and transporting food. This means we are spreading the ScanBox brand and sales to more and more markets. We are very happy about this and that we still are manufacturing our products where we once started! This leads to job opportunities and benefits in our local area. On the flipside, these positive aspects also bring some negatives in form of increased traffic in the small town of Olofström. That is why ScanBox always want to take social responsibility and support the local causes. One of the causes we support are the Traffic Calendar.

About the Traffic Calendar
The Traffic Calendar is Sweden’s most comprehensive educational material about children and road traffic safety. The material provides support to schools for integrating road traffic safety into different topics. Road traffic safety, health and environmental issues are topics that permeate the entire material.

Each month, activities are organised where pupils and schools have the opportunity to take part and win nice prizes. The ambition is for road traffic safety education to be fun, interesting and stimulating.

More than 500,000 pupils and just over 30,000 teachers in years K-6 have access to the Traffic Calendar’s extensive material free of charge. The material is available in both printed form and online.

Approximately 3,000 locally based companies and organizations make it possible for the material to be distributed for free. At the same time, they help to spread information about children’s vulnerability in road traffic settings.