News / 30-03-20

ScanBox for Institutions

Did you know that ScanBox products and solutions were originally designed for institutional markets? Our aim was to provide easy-to-use, reliable and versatile solutions to cater hospitals, schools and elderly care centers. Today, our products are a perfect fit in any given food service system including cook-serve, cook-chill, tray and bulk. Furthermore, our products and solutions are intuitive, ergonomic, and scalable. Below are a few of many benefits of choosing ScanBox products and solutions in health care and other institutions:

Case Study & Photo Credit: ScanBox UK & Ryan Horner

Compatible with trays – all of our products have interchangeable rack systems. Adjust the distance in between the runners to accommodate your trays or pan sizes.

All functions you need in one box! – more than 90 unique trolleys that combine insulated, hot and cold compartments in various sizes.

Superlight, yet heavy duty – our products are designed to withstand tough transport conditions on trucks or towing with carts – still being ergonomic and easy to transport.

Optimize your food distribution system – modularity is our core value! This is what allows us to have the widest product range on the market with various sizes, functions and features. We can help you to set up your food distribution system in accordance with your needs.

Custom Made – flexible production allows us to adapt sizes, capacities and functions of the boxes. Let us know your needs and we will design unique products for your business.

We have stock units ready for quick delivery!

We have products ready for quick dispatch!

Many of you are being challenged to rapidly and/or momentarily meet the new and different needs as a result of unfortunate circumstances. Limiting large gatherings is a key priority in most countries thus kitchens and staff canteens may have to be closed temporarily. The solution for you could be to hold and transport food more frequently. If you have the need for new or additional equipment to meet the new requirements, we have products in stock for fast delivery. Below are some of our products in stock – go the the link for the full list. All products are availbe with interchangable racks to fit your tray or pan sizes.

  • Stackables – Lightweight, EPP Boxes & Trolleys
  • Ergo Line – GN1/1 holding and transportation trolleys
  • Banquet Line – GN2/1 holding and transportation trolleys

Again, if you need tips on how to hold and transport food, please contact us and we will gladly assist you!

Info Regarding COVID-19

At ScanBox, we are constantly making sure that we are proceeding with caution following the latest guidelines and restrictions provided by the applicable authorities…