News / 10-09-19

ScanBox Introduces BIM!

ScanBox BIM Specifi

Finally it is here! We are now able to share a library filled with your favorite ScanBox models.

This is brought to you through Specifi’s platform. As of right now, you are able to find single boxes of Ergo Line and Banquet Line in hot and cold versions. Proceed to our BIM library to se full list of products and options. More products, functions and options will be added shortly – so stay tuned! If you need help to register or access our library, watch below video or contact us and we will be glad to assist you!

Products in the BIM library equipped or extra equipped by you with compressor cooling will temporarily have an incorrect depth on the specifications. We are in a process to update our compressor cooling and the new depth will be 875mm for Ergo Line and 990mm for Banquet Line. This is expected to be introduced from 1st of October 2019. Currently, the correct depth for Ergo Line and Banquet Line with compressor cooling is 910mm and 1040mm, respectively. More information will be provided closer to the scheduled introduction.

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