News / 02-12-20

ScanBox Team Portrait #2

ScanBox Simon Svensson Web
Simon Svensson, Internal Sales IMEA & Scandinavia

Simon Svensson

Internal Sales at ScanBox

For many of you, Simon may be a new face, but he has worked at ScanBox for more than 5 years! During these years, he has accumulated experience from all parts of our business. He holds great product knowledge, a holistic understanding of the customer journey and together with his service-oriented attitude, he is excellent as an inbound sales rep!

His most recent position at ScanBox was as a purchasing assistant and before that he was employed in production.

Why did ScanBox peak your interest?
“I ended up at ScanBox by chance and did not know much about the company. I had a great first impression at the interview and became very curious about the product and the logistical solutions that ScanBox provides its customers. Since I had previously worked in the food service industry, I could relate to the customers’ needs and the problems that our products solve.”

“Today I have a clearer overall picture of the company and am proud of what ScanBox stands for, the products we sell and the solutions we help the customer with.”

What is your vision for Internal Sales at ScanBox?
“My vision is to be the extended arm between sales reps and customers in the way that they can feel safe before, during and after the sales process.”

What are your strengths as Internal Sales?
“My strength as an inbound sales rep is that I have a great product knowledge and understanding of the production processes to the point that I can give quick answers to customers.”

“In addition, I am very positive and committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.”

What will be your next contribution to the sales team?
“I want to optimize the processes for inbound sales in the way that we can be the best in our class at helping our customers with the right information as quickly as possible. This applies to everything from price inquiries to orders and aftermarket service.”