News / 16-05-20

Update Door Sensor

ScanBox Technical Support

Background description:

ScanBox products equipped with convection heating have traditionally included a magnetic switch that turned the fan motor off when the door was opened until it was closed. The rationale for the magnetic door switch was to avoid blowing hot air in the direction of the user when the door was open, and to reduce the reheating time when the door is closed again.

In 2018, ScanBox implemented a new design of the convection heating system with the intention to improve the temperature distribution. This by forcing air into the space at the bottom and sucking it out at the top of the compartment. When implementing this new system, we conducted practical experiments assessing the functionality of the magnetic door switch. When disabling the door switch, we found that:

  • the sensation of hot air blowing towards the user when door was opened was less compared to it being enabled. Thus, leading to a more pleasant working environment.
  • temperature retention was greater leading to quicker heat recovery after frequent door openings.

Updates and possible effects:

Considering the positive outcomes derived from the experiments disabling the magnetic door switch, ScanBox has decided to remove the door sensor from its standard products including the convection heating system. Products purchased after date or serial number stated below will not have the magnetic door switch installed as standard.

Effect on Spare parts:

No changes are being made. The door switch will remain available as spare part.

Change Valid from:

Implemented from serial number: SN45048718, or orders made after 30th 2020 of April that are not stock products.