Press release / 05-09-17

ScanBox Awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year

ScanBox and our CEO Torbjörn Peltonen has been awarded the prestigious price as Entrepreneur of the year in the Blekinge Region. “Success does not come for free and this award is the result of extremely hard work done by everyone here at ScanBox. We are all very proud and it is great motivation for us all to continue working hard for further success. We are also very fortunate to have such great customers that we can grow together with”

The motivation for the price was as follows:
“This year’s entrepreneur in Blekinge is an innovator in their industry. The entrepreneur has successfully developed and refined a product and the business has been successful both in Sweden and internationally. Turnover has doubled in five years, with good profitability. The company is an important workplace in the municipality as the number of employees increases every year. The entrepreneur is a creative role-model that shows that international business success is possible in the small community of Olofström.”