News / 09-10-20

NEWS! Banquet Master for Rational iCombi

As most of you probably know by now, Rational has released their new iCombi this fall and we have worked hard for our Banquet Masters to fit the new rack. We are happy to announce that we have Banquet Master models that fit both the GN1/1 and GN2/1 racks.

When and why is a Banquet Master needed?
Banquet Master is an insulated hot box where you can easily and conveniently hold and transport a whole combi oven rack inside the box. After cooking the food in your combi oven, you simply roll the rack directly into the Banquet Master through ScanBox smart EOR system. Then, the hot holding cabinet can conveniently be transported to the dining venue. When moving the whole oven rack instead of separate canteens, your kitchen staff save time and reduce food spillage. Also, the work environment improves by minimizing monotonous movements and the risk of burns from handling hot food in canteens.

Furthermore, efficiency is increased since the Banquet Master is able to hold food longer compared to traditional thermo covers. This increases the amount of regeneration cycles done with the same oven and thereby reduces the investment cost for the Banquet Master system. During a banquet event arranged for 4500 seated guests in Doha, Qatar, the serving capacity was increased by over 100 % thanks to the unique Banuet Master solution from Scanbox.