Bakery Box NE45

ScanBox Bakery Box NE45 is made for distribution and storage of neutral bakery goods. The Bakery Box is made for standard 450-460x600mm trays. The trolley can be placed inside a cold room or be chilled down with eutectic plates inside the cabinet. The door is opened in an 270° angle and kept open with a magnet. The ergonomic recess handles and large castors make the Bakery Box easy and safe to maneuver.

ScanBox Temp-Stop Technology

Bakery Box NE45 is manufactured with ScanBox unique Temp-Stop technology. This maximizes the insulation capacity while minimizing the energy consumption. Detachable racks allow for easy cleaning. Racks with integrated air gaps generate free air circulation inside the box for an even temperature distribution.

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S = Static Heating K = Convection Heating P = Peltier Cooling KP = Compressor Cooling

  • Item numberBBSNE45
  • Capacity12 x 450-460x600 (100mm CC)
  • Measurements (mm)W675 x H1625 x D880
  • Weight75 kg
  • Connection
  • Rated Current
  • Temperature
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