Basic Line Cooling

Basic Line CP12 is a cold box designed for kitchens that want a simpler, durable and reliable trolley when the situation demands it. The box is equipped with Peltier cooling system safely positioned at the back of the unit along with the power plug and a simpler adjustable temperature controller. The system is designed for low maintenance and no refrigerants are used. Cool down time approx. 40 minutes. The box is built according to the same robust and easy-to-operate design as our other products. A limited range of Extras and Accessories are available.

ScanBox Environmental Performance (ExP) Upgrade

A great product just got better and greener! At ScanBox we work with passion and determination to make great products even better. We continuously challenge the industry status quo and keep breaking barriers to find the optimal solution for holding and transportation of hot and cold food. ExP is the newest upgrade and provides a brand new standard built on three important pillars – Design, Performance and Environment!

Read more about our latest product upgrade – ExP!

N = Neutral | S = Static Heating | F = Convection Heating | P = Peltier Cooling | C = Compressor Cooling

  • Item numberBASCP12
  • Capacity12xGN 1/1 65mm
  • Measurements (mm)540 x 1384 x 810 mm
  • Weight63 kg
  • Connection230V / 1 phase / 50-60Hz
  • Rated Current1,48AMP
  • Temperaturebetween +3°C and +20°C
ScanBox BASCP12