Card Holder Exterior

ScanBox Card Holder helps you to easily and simply identify your boxes and its contents. Add information about departments, special diets or checklists. The card holder can be placed anywhere on the box and fits paper sizes from A4 to A6 . It is possible write directly on the card holder with a whiteboard pen!

The card holder can be attached and retrofitted without using any tools due to the help of strong double-sided adhesive tape. The tape holds excellent resistance to aging, moisture, water, temperature (-40 to 150 ° C) and UV light. The plastic is chosen with care to withstand heavy shocks and to be able to be cleaned with common cleaning agents in commercial kitchens.

Assembly instructions: Start by cleaning the box from grease, dust and dirt. Then attach the card holder to the box by applying sufficient pressure. Let sit for 24 hours to reach full adhesive strength. If necessary, the card holder can be used already after 3 hours since the tape has reached 75% of its full strength.

The card holder can be removed without damaging the surface material of the box including full cover signatures!

  • Item number400010-1
ScanBox Accessories Card Holder
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