Central Brake System Brakes

Save time, your staff and money with a central brake. By a single push with the foot, both wheels are locked and the box stands stable in kitchens, on moving truck beds and ships out at sea. A box that is not properly locked can lead to food spillage, downtime, as well as staff injuries and product damage. A central brake system is well worth the investment and is recommended for most businesses.

ScanBox’s new central brake is designed to increase ergonomics, reduce kitchen footprint, easier to clean and be more flexible solution. A more round shape of the pedal makes it easier to use the central brake and prevents damage to work shoes. The new pedal stays inside the chassi and means that the product takes up less space. The new construction allows you to change the castors and type of brake even after purchase. The system is retrofittable.

Included: 160mm chromed castors. They are easy-rolling and elastic with precision ball bearings that glide quietly without leaving marks on the floor.

Options for castors: it is possible to upgrade the castors to 200mm chromed or 160mm stainless steel castors.

NOTE! Foam Filled Castors ate not compatible with central brake.


  • Item number1000015
ScanBox Central Brake System
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