Eutectic Plate 530x325 NOTE! new accessory

ScanBox Eutectic Plate 530×325 facilitates cooling for all boxes and assures an even temperature distribution. The eutectic plate have minimal space requirement inside the box. Make sure you add Eutectic Plate Holder for Ergo Line or Banquet Line to ensure an easy installation. Remember that it can take up to 24 hours for the Eutectic Plates to freeze depending on which method of freezing you are using in combination with space limitations. We usually recommend two sets of Eutectic Plates for each box if they are used in daily operations. Note that Eutectic Plate Holder Banquet Line can hold up to 2pcs of Eutectic Plate 530×325 at once.

NOTE! if your box is currently equipped with Runners Eutectic Plate 480×280 (item number: 301010-5), you must replace the eutectic plate with Eutectic Plate 480×280 as a spare part.

  • Item number400003-1
ScanBox Eutectic Plate

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