Eutectic Plate Holder Ergo Line NOTE! new accessory

ScanBox Eutectic Plate Holder Ergo Line helps you to attach 1pcs of Eutectic Plate 530×325 to the top of the box space in an Ergo Line. The Eutectic Plate Holder for Ergo Line can easily and conveniently be hung on existing runners and requires minimum space inside the box. Perfect for getting extra cooling capacity in a cold box during transport or transform an insulated or hot box into a cold box. This item is labelled as an accessory which means that it doesn’t have to be mounted in our factory, but can easily be attached to existing products and coming orders.

NOTE! This item fits boxes that have laser cut and detachable U-shaped runners in stainless steel (standard from Q1 2018)

If you are looking for a replacement of our previous attachment or Eutectic Plate, please look at Runners Eutectic Plate 480×280 and Eutectic Plate 480×280. Note that these products are only sold as spare parts!

  • Item number400001-1
ScanBox Eutectic Plate Holder

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