SRS Box Ambient

The SRS Box is an insulated box that is suitable for different types of trays and baskets available in commercial kitchens. The box comes without a shelving system and is designed with a robust yet easy-to-operate construction. The top frame provides protection for extra storage on top of the box and eutectic plates can be placed inside the box to keep food cool during transport.

ScanBox Temp-Stop Technology

The SRS Box is manufactured with ScanBox unique Temp-Stop technology. This maximizes the insulation capacity while minimizing the energy consumption.

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  • Item number195560-6
  • Capacity6 SRS (600x400x194)
  • Measurements (mm)W810 x H1640 x D580
  • Weight64 kg
  • Connection
  • Rated Current
  • Temperature
ScanBox SRS Box

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