The most efficient door lock on the market


Tap it, load it, slam it! That is how easy it is to open, load and close our boxes thanks to our new and patented door lock TapSlam®. It’s here to make your workday much easier by saving time, storage space, and keeping the temperature steady.

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Use the pan, tray or whatever you hold in your hand to open the door – without having to put down the food – load it, and slam it to close. With these efficient solutions, operators can:

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Work Load
  • Remove Storage Space


TapSlam® has been developed in close collaboration with kitchen staff and has received a lot of attention and positive response among users. The main feedback is that the door lock helps them to:

  • Save approx. 10-15 sec per opening sequence
  • Keep Steady Temperatures
  • Improve Ergonomics


Below are a list of some more advantages with ScanBox TapSlam®:

  • Simple Operation – no prior knowledge needed
  • Increased Hygiene – fewer touch points
  • Extremely Durable – third party tested to last over 100,000 cycles
  • Convenient Transport Security – built-in with padlock fit
  • Truck Adapted – the lock is protected from tension straps and other fasteners


NOTE: TapSlam® is launched for Ergo Line in Scandinavia and Finland fall 2022. Wider launch coming in 2023.

ScanBox TapSlam® Smart Gains

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    Here you will find answers to the most common questions regarding TapSlam®.

    Will TapSlam® replace our current door lock – the Excenter lock?
    Answer: Yes, TapSlam® will be standard for the product lines and markets that have been launched.

    Will the Excenter Lock still be available?
    Answer: Yes, the Excenter Lock will be available as an option – free of charge. Be sure to specify in your order that you want Excenter Lock as your door lock. We will provide Excenter Lock as a spare part for already purchased products.

    Will the One Grip Handle still be available?
    Yes, but in the form of TapSlam®. The advantage of One Grip Handle or similar solutions is a simplified opening and closing sequence. TapSlam® will simplify this further by being a so-called “zero grip handle”, i.e. you do not need to “grip” the lock to open or close the door. In addition, TapSlam® fulfills all other functions, requirements, and more of a One Grip Handle.

    NOTE: ScanBox existing One Grip Handle is being phased out, but are being replaced by the better “zero-grip” handle TapSlam®.

    Will TapSlam® affect the price of the products?
    Answer: No, it replaces existing solution and our products will have the same prices – but with a much better solution.

    When can I get my box with TapSlam®? – new and stock
    Answer: Sales start for TapSlam® is November 1st of 2022 for Ergo Line products in Scandinavia and Finland. As this lock replaces our previous door lock, we have the same lead times for production orders. The delivery time from the factory is about 3-4 weeks from the order. When it comes to stock orders, we have a phase-out period. We hope to be in phase by early 2023. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you clearly state that you want TapSlam® when ordering from the stock in our warehouse.

    NOTE: more product lines and markets will be launched over time.

    How do I make sure my box has TapSlam®?
    Answer: All Ergo Line products will be equipped with TapSlam® as standard from 1st of November 2022 in Scandinavia and Finland. During a phase-out period of our previous door lock, it is important that it is clear when ordering that TapSlam® is desired. Otherwise, there is a risk that the product may be delivered with the Excenter Lock. This mainly applies to orders that come from our warehouse, i.e. with 1-3 days dispatch time.


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