Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the replies to frequently asked questions about service and maintenance of the ScanBox products. If you fail to find what you are looking for, please contact either your local supplier or ScanBox.

What information is needed to order spare parts?
Answer: We will need Model, Item Number, Serial Number and manufacturing year/month. All this information is easily retrievable on the type plate located on the outside of the box.

My box does not cool (Peltier Cooling)?
Answer: 1. Check that there is no bad contact in the spiral cord. Try to twist the cord in different directions both ends of the cable. 2. Check that the fan and cooling element is clean and clear.  3. Check the ambient temperature in the room. A Peltier Cooling system typically do not cool more than 23 degrees celcius from the sourounding temperature. Also make sure that the cooling system intake have sufficient space to ventilate the hot air.

What type of detergent is recommended for cleaning my box? Answer: The anodized aluminium surfaces are sensitive to strong acids, alkali in particular, therefore cleaners with such content should not be used. This can cause stains and backlash. Soft clean ware in addition of a neutral detergent (pH 6-8) is recommended. The anodized surface is not sensitive to organic solvent models, such as trichloroethylene, a thin layer of crystalline oil used for removing paint, oil and similar can be used.

The door sealing is not in aligned in its track, how do I fit it back again?
Answer: Just carefully press the sealing back into the track by using your thumb.



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    I agree that ScanBox Thermoproducts AB save personal information about me. Read more