Tell the world it's yours!

We put great effort into the design of the exterior. Our products are robust, stylish and offer you high capacity combined with trouble-free operation. As a standard, our carts are black. Especially in combination with details in stainless steel, this is a colour adding the rough elegance we want our products to reflect. You can also order your cart in red or grey.

In the same way we can adjust the functions or measures of our boxes to fit your needs, we can also make the boxes look the way you want them to. Do you have a special colour or pattern in mind? Everything is possible! Place your logo on your carts, and you will have free advertising wherever they are being exposed. As an additional bonus when “tagging” your carts, they will be easy to find – thus adding functionality to the brand exposure!


ScanBox Signature Croke Park


This is how it’s done:

E-mail us your logo in EPS format and we will make a digital picture of what your branded ScanBox will look like. If you choose to buy it, there will be an upcharge for the production and mounting of the logo.

Please note that the Signature sticker is not an ordinary sticker. The material can be compared to the ones used for vinyl pinstriping of cars, hence it is very strong, dirt-repellent and washable.