Event / 10-02-20

SMAK, Norge 3 – 6 Mars

ScanBox SMAK Norway

På SMAK-mässan i Lillestrøm, Norge – 3 – 6 mars – hittar du oss i Empakk AS monter C03-05. Vi kommer att visa upp spännande nyheter, men även våra populäraste produkter. En av våra nyheter är IoFood som vi tilldelades SMART Label för på Host 2019. Detta gäller våra boxar som är uppkopplade till molnet som gör att du full insikt i kvalitén även under transport av maten. Vi kommer även berätta mer om vår BIM-portal via Specifi samt vårt breda utbud av lösningar för att hålla och transportera mat!

Mässplats: C03-05

Behöver du biljetter till SMAK-mässan? Kontakta oss så hjälper vi dig!


SMAK 2020 will be the leading meeting place for anyone working with food and beverages. Present news to existing and new customers and make valuable new connections.

SMAK 2020 will be the leading meeting place for all providers and manufacturers of machines and equipment, food and beverages, interior designs and concepts, cider, beer, wine and spirits, and packaging and logistics.

The taste of a new decade
SMAK 2020 is the perfect event for presenting new innovations, showcasing the meals and culinary culture of the future, and allowing new technology and solutions to inspire development and economic optimization. Take this opportunity to motivate other professionals by presenting them with options that meet tomorrow’s challenges. Share inspiration through new flavours and solutions and meet people who share your passion.

Separate area for producers of cider, beer, wine and spirits
Producers, suppliers and distributors of cider, beer, wine and spirits are invited to present their products in a separate area, where only visitors with a licence to sell alcohol will have access.

SMAK will be a leading meeting place for renowned food and beverage competitions in 2020. Competitions with both established and up-and-coming chefs and industry experts.

Meeting place
Conference and seminars where trends are presented and new solutions discussed. Experts come together in workshops and debates.
SMAK 2020 is also a social venue for industry experts. One night of SMAK 2020 is setaside for mingling, awards and prizes.