Banquet Master 40 Hounö Roll-in 2.20

The Banquet Master 40 Hounö Roll-in 2.20 is an insulated cart with convection heating (up to 90°C) and humidifier, perfect for large kitchens where efficiency and temperature control is important. Designed to fit the roll-in rack from your combi oven. The Banquet Master 40 is available for detachable cassettes, mobile oven racks and platted racks for combi oven brands such as: Rational, MKN, Electrolux, Palux and Hounö among others.

The mobile over rack is directly transferred from the oven to the Banquet Master unit. It can then be held and securely transported to the venue thanks to the Elevated Over Rack system (EOR). Being able to move the complete holding cart without transferring all the pans and plates rationalizes handling and also enhances ergonomics. The risk of spillage and burns are reduced since pans and plates do not have to be moved between the oven and the Banquet Master unit.

Efficiency is also increased since the Banquet Master is able to hold food longer compared to traditional thermo covers. This increases the amount of regeneration cycles done with the same oven and thereby reduces the investment cost for the Banquet Master system.

During a banquet event arranged for 4500 seated guests in Doha, Qatar, the serving capacity was increased by over 100 % thanks to the unique Banuet Master solution from Scanbox.

Banquet Master is equipped with two convection fans which ensures an even temperature inside the compartement. If needed, moisture can be added and controlled by the humidifier and the adjustable door ventilation.

The oven rack trolley is not included in the Banquet Master, it is supplied by the respective oven manufacturer.

  • Item number145105-1
  • Capacity40
  • Measurements (mm)W780 x H2011 x D1080
  • Weight97 kg
  • Connection230V / 1 phase / 50Hz
  • ConsumptionW/A 2x900 / 7,8
  • Temperature≤ +90 °C
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