Ergo Line Duo Ambient + Ambient

Ergo Line Duo A12 + A12 is an insulated box with the cabinets positioned side-by-side and are used for distribution of ambient, hot and cold food. The trolley can be placed inside a cold room or be chilled down with eutectic plates inside either of the cabinets. The doors are opened at an 270° angle and is fixed in an open position by a magnet.

ScanBox Temp-Stop Technology

Ergo Line Duo A12 + A12 is manufactured with ScanBox unique Temp-Stop technology. This maximizes the insulation capacity while minimizing the energy consumption. Detachable racks allow for easy cleaning. Racks with integrated air gaps generate free air circulation inside the box for an even temperature distribution.

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  • Item number180019-2
  • Capacity12+12 x GN 1/1 65 mm
  • Measurements (mm)W1100 x H1390 x D810
  • Weight99 kg
  • Connection
  • Consumption
  • Temperature
ScanBox Ergo Line Duo A12 + A12

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